I know we don’t know why Ultimate Warrior died and I realize I’m just making this up and just lashing at at the WWE because I don’t like Vince and think he doesn’t give two shits about the people who destroy their own lives for him to make money on. I also realize that even if all that is true the Warrior is or I should say was ultimately responsible for his own choices.

All that being said, I am quite confident that we will ultimately find that his death was caused by heart failure. I also promise you that he was taking PEDs in order to perform in wrestling again, pushed by the WWE to be huge and throw himself into it 110%. WWE doesn’t care what happens to others. They just care about the money they bring in.


Today was a preliminary hearing to review going to trial in a local sex assault case. It was pretty interesting and worth the time going.

First we had to sit through a few other cases that were on the docket. One was acceptance of a plea deal for someone who fled from Youth Offender Services. One…

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Animals are the best

At times I will hug my dog and think of how wonderful he is. Than I think of animals I have lost and how much joy they brought me and pain when they passed and how this fuzzy, wonderful dog won’t live forever and it makes me quite sad. Ultimately it passes and all our animals past and present have brought so much joy and love into our lives that it is worth it. I just wish they could live as long as we do.

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I need this patch. Fuck fascists.

I need this patch. Fuck fascists.

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Community Notification

Fort Collins Police Services

National Sex Offender Legislation

  • Jacob Wetterling Act, 1994- requires states to establish sex offender registration for convicted offenders and a system to track them.

  • Megan’s Law,…

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Recently an SVP or Sexually Violent Predator was moved into our community here in Fort Collins Colorado. I learned a lot from it. For one no one is every labeled as an SVP by mistake. It is considered the highest level a sexual offender can reach. The state of Colorado uses three different…

Working to spread the word. Please help us.

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This weekend I will get some press material made to hand out and send to Coloradoan and such. Please tell your friends and join us for this showing. If we don’t get 55 people it won’t happen. This is a great movie and a portion of the proceeds will help us pay for flyers and handouts to fight rape culture.

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I’m really proud of the men and women who are a part of End RAPE Culture Fort Collins or www.endrapeculturecolorado.com. Today a jury found a local POS guilty of rape in Fort Collins. This case sparked our group and although one of the rapist got off at least they both didn’t. I strongly…

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Pussy Riot kicks out members for being sellouts!

So over the weekend I found out that Pussy Riot kicked out two of the members recently released from jail in Russia because they no longer represent the beliefs of the band. I say right on. They feel that going on stage with Madonna and big commercial names is against the bands ideals. Well played Pussy Riot, well played.


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So many people cried when Paul Walker died and he only made tepid action movies. Philip Seymour Hoffman made actually good movies, many with a solid point. I’m much more bummed as his passing.